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The San Antonio Shootout '23

The San Antonio Shootout '23

The Alamo GT Presents the San Antonio Shootout (SASO) Veteran's Day Weekend. November 11th and 12th 2023 and will be returning to BattlePub for this up to 84 person, 5 round event.


Veterans can win custom Leather dice trays featuring their branch logo. Veterans Best of the Best prizes will be for those who wish to represent their prior service. Just leave a note during purchase of which branch you will compete for.


This will be based on your Overall Score. 



Best Overall 

Best General 

Best Painted 


Faction Awards will be Leather Bolos featuring their faction logo.  Current faction list will include:



Space Marines 

Astra Militarum 

Adeptus Soritas 

Adeptus Mechanicus

Imperial knights 

Adeptus Custodes 

Grey knights 






Tau empire 




Chaos space marines

Chaos Daemons

World eaters

Death guard

Chaos knights

Thousand sons

Genestealers cults


Models must be WYSIWYG. Conversions must be approved but mainly need to be the same height, and base size of what they're intended to represent. 3d Printed and 3rd party models aren't allowed at the request of the venue. However, bits such as heads, shoulder pads, bases, wargear and the like are fine when used in conjuction with a GW/FW model. 


List are due 6 November 2023 at 23:59:59 CST. 


Tickets include 1 drink token.

Confirmation emails and physical ticets are not being sent. 

No refunds post October 31st 2023

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