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The Alamo GT '24

The Alamo GT '24

*Additional tickets were opened for the waitlist persons.  Persons buying a ticket with out being on the waitlist may be refunded*


The Alamo GT Returns to the Riverwalk Hyatt Regency (123 Losoya St, San Antonio, TX 78205) for another Golden Ticket event. May 25th and May 26th. This Competitive 40K event,  will consist of 5 and 6 Rounds. For players competing for best in faction Dice Trays  awards and the Highlander Katana, the 6th round isn't necessary.  Paint Awards will be handed out at the same time along with the Texas Helping... Charity recognition Award. For those going for the other Bowie Knife awards, Golden Ticket Prizes, and final placings, as well as, general gaming fun can continue place the 6th and final round. 


Notification of a charged being made will serve as a receipt for the event. Players will be added to BCP in batches every Tueday. Complaints of not finding yourself on BCP should wait until after tuesday.  For those that don't know what BCP is, please refer to the blog post on the Alamo 40k GT webpage.


Knives and Swords are sharp. 


There will be two Golden Tickets Available one for Best General and the other for Best Overall players. 


The Katana is reserved for the hightest placing Highlander list at the end of round 5. This will be based strictly on battle placing and will not feature any additional points such as hobby and the like. Highlander list must be identified at the top as a Highlander list, and may not contain the same Datasheet more than once in that list. 


Bowie Knives will be reserved for the following awards:

Jim Bowie - Best Overall

General Santa Anna - Best General

Davy Crockett - Best Team 

Colonel Travis Best Paint

Remember The Alamo, Remember Andy Sivilaythong - Players' Choice Paint award

Seguin's Cavalry Company Award - Last place after playing all 6 games.

Texas Helping... - Lifetime recognition of a Texan, Native or Adopted, for their charity work.


Refunds cut off date 1 May. On this date refunds will no longer be available.


This event is organised independently by David Villareal and is not affiliated with or administered by Games Workshop in any way. Any rights you may have are solely as against David Villareal and Games Workshop has no liability for any actions or omissions of the devent organisers in connection with the event. In the event of any issues, please contact him via the following email,

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