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The Alamo GT '23

The Alamo GT '23

An ITC Major for Warhammer 40K with a max of 114 players playing 5 rounds for best in faction awards and an optional 6th round for final placings such as Best Overall and Best General. All games will be played at 2,000 points each featuring the Grand Tournament mission pack


Confirmation emails are not sent but check for registration in BCP by the next business day.


Location: Battlepub 6909 N Loop 1604 E STE 1168, 78247 This is inside the Rolling Oaks Mall next to the Foot Locker


List are due 29th of April and no new Codexes or supplements aside from FAQs, erratas and balance data slates, can be used after that day. 


Knives are sharp and the Prizes for Best Overall, Best General, Player Choice painted, and  the Fluff bunny will be a Bowie Knife reflecting that placement,


Of note will be a unique Alamo Secondary that may always be selected instead of a faction secondary.


Remember the Alamo:
Earn 15 points when your army is entirely Destroyed.


Tickets may be refunded or exchanged up to the 15th of April.


Tickets transfered after 1 May 2022 will be subject to a $10 service fee.


There will be extra spacing between tables set up as Islands for the top 42 tables, the ADA table and the table next to the ADA table which happens to be closet to the bar. Otherwise tables will be in pods of 3.  


Play it Painted - Paint will be required in order to receive the battle ready points for every game, overall paint scores, and players choice award. 


3d Printed bits, bases and the like are more than welcomed but full 3d printed models are not allowed at request of the venue. 


If Games are streamed, the streaming players may opt to forfeit to include a double loss if neither player wants to be streamed. (Exceptions can be made for security reasons and will be handled on a case by case basis.)


Chess Clocks can be used at the request of just one player and can not be denied. 



Saturday May 6th 

0830 - 9000 late check in Grab your Swag

0900-1130 Round 1

1130 -1230 Lunch

1230 - 1500 Round 2

1515 - 1745 Round 3

1800  Paint Judging for armies left on display players need not be there for that.

May 7th

0900-1130 Round 4

1130 -1230 Lunch

1230 - 1500 Round 5


1515-1545 Faction and Paint Awards

1545 - 1815 Round 6

1815-1830 Awards Presentation for Best Overall, Best General, Fluff Bunny


This event is organised independently by David Villareal and is not  affiliated with or administered by Games Workshop in any way. Any rights you may have are solely as  against David Villareal and Games Workshop has no liability for any actions  or omissions of the event organisers in connection with the event. In the event of any issues, please  contact

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