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Heresy at the Alamo

Heresy at the Alamo

"They dared to forget and that was Heresy enough"


The Horus Heresy has come to the Alamo GT, and we've got some exciting events planned for everyone!


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Friday May5th 12pm Start time
Cinco de Mayo apocalypse.
Do you have any giant robots that people are too scared to face off against on a regular basis? Do you want to see every miniature you own fighting a massive battle against hordes of opponents? Then come join us on friday for an epic battle!

Sat-Sun Narative Event
Standard Age of Darkness rules will be in effect with a few additional rules for the narrative that will be laid out in the player packet.
Missions will be split between 8 Frontline and 4 Zone Mortalis tables. We request players bring a list for both game types.
Frontline - 3,000 points, limit of 1 named character
Zone Mortalis - 1,500 points, limit of 1 named character


Saturday May 6th 

Open to 0930 Sign in

0930 to 12 Round 1

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1530 Round 2

1600-1830 Round 3


Sunday May 7th

Open to 0930 Check in 

0930 - 1200 Round 4

1200-1300 Lunch 

1300 - 1530 Round 5

1600 Awards

Painting Requirements:
All models but be painted to a 3 color minimum and properly based.

Location: Battlepub 6909 N Loop 1604 E STE 1168, 78247 This is inside the Rolling Oaks Mall next to the Foot Locker

List are due 29th of April and no new Codexes or supplements aside from FAQs, erratas and balance data slates, can be used after that day.

All participants will receive an event bag at check-in
Event prizes will be given out on Sunday, May 7th, for Best Hobbyist, Best Painted, Best Sportsman, and several other minor prizes

Tickets may be refunded or exchanged up to the 15th of April.

Tickets transferred after 1 May 2022 will be subject to a $10 service fee.


No 3d Prints of models are permited for this event.  However, bits, bases, shoulder pads, helmets and the like are allowed. 

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