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BloodBowl 7s

BloodBowl 7s

Welcome to Blood Bowl 7s at The Alamo GT
Date: May 5th, 2023
Location: Battle Pub
Time: 6:00 pm
Cost: $25 (includes a drink token)

This is a resurrection tournament meaning that all your casualties will reset every match. We are using the rules found on pages 90-97 of the Death Zone Book.

You will be given 800,000 copper pieces to build your team. You can purchase players and inducement (page 93) at this point. Keeping in mind that you can not have more than 11 players on your roster.

Being that 7s is full of rookie players you will be allowed to give three players on your team a primary skill for free. No player can have more than one free skill assigned to them.

All current GW teams and Teams of Legends are allowed (so long as they haven’t been updated before the day of the event).

Star Players are not allowed.

At the start on each round you will roll on the Desperate Measures Table. This will be done before the start on the game in front of your opponent.

Awards will be given out for:
Best Overall
Most TD
Most CAS

Awards are subject to share the wealth

Check in: 5:30pm
Round 1: 6:00 pm
Round 2: 7:40pm
Round 3: 9:10
Awards: 10:50
Rounds are an hour and a half.


Confirmation Emails are not sent. Last day for refunds is May 1st.

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